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Honey Tree Preschool - Learning Environment Improvements

Because parents are not allowed to enter our school under COVID guidelines, we want you to know about what we are doing to improve our preschool environment for better developmental experiences and learning esthetics. We want our families to feel a part of our on-going positive changes for our school and children.

What’s New

We have upgraded our playgrounds by adding sand to the sand boxes, tricycles, building blocks, sunshades and new sod in some playgrounds (PS2 and back yard around the blue slide). Our garden has carrots, radishes, strawberries and corn for our children to observe through the growing stages, harvest, clean, and taste.

Keeping up with your child's day-to day:

Our teacher’s create Monthly Lesson Calendars. Parents can follow along with daily learning activities. Our teachers are updating our daily learning and play activities on Facebook.

Honey Tree’s Learning Center

We are arranging our classrooms into dedicated learning subjects that have learning material designed for each subject. The learning centers are labeled according to the development topic. The signage for each center includes images. Our children use intuition to understand the purpose of each center. For example: The Art Center sign has a paint pallet with paint brushes.

Learning Center Topics

Answering children's questions about nature and science and helping them learn about the scientific process through hands-on activities will help them develop their critical thinking skills and encourage them to become lifelong advocates for the environment. Science activities can help increase descriptive vocabulary. Words such as crunchy, soft, sink, float, juicy, dry, fast, slow, heavy, light, rough, smooth, hot, and cold are just a few examples of words that can be reinforced and help preschoolers gain a better understanding of their world. Honey Tree’s Nature and Science area includes magnifying glasses, tweezers, rocks, world globe, magnets, trees and plants, weather and climate and so much more.

Manipulatives take advantage of a wide variety of toys and classroom tools. Our manipulatives area contains items our children manipulate to move, stack, assemble and arrange. These learning tools include: puzzles, a block center, counting and sorting toys, games with pieces that move, or simple animals and other types of figures

Art activities are engaging for preschoolers because they are opportunities for hands-on creation, which is how children retain information most effectively and efficiently at this age. Your child's art center features an easel, a table and chairs, paper, tempera paints, markers, sequins, glue and safety scissors, colored pencils, etc. Children will bring in additional art materials as they explore nature. They will collect leaves, rocks, flowers and other items to use in their art creations.

Preschool dramatic play centers promote learning through play. Children act out different situations and scenarios while engaging in pretend play. As a result, children experience social and emotional growth while having fun and learning to be a friend. Our Dramatic Play Center includes kitchens, pots/pans, pretend food, a block center, mats for pretend islands, costumes, hats, capes and more.

Music encourages children to move around, which helps them to develop their fine motor skills and their gross motor skills. Of course, with this movement comes muscle development, strength, balance, and interactive skills. Music also challenges cognitive ability and retention. Most importantly, music is FUN. Our Music Center includes bongo drums, bells, maracas, tambourines, streamers, shakers and much more.

For quiet time: Cozy Corner is a space where children can learn how to manage their big emotions away from the group. Preschool-aged children still need a lot of sleep. With busy schedules, kids may need a place to calm down when they are feeling sad, mad, nervous, or experiencing a big emotion. Quiet time can act almost as a time of meditation, helping children to recharge and rest their bodies and minds. The Cozy Corner area has soft pillows, stuffies, and books for children to help them calm down and feel safe.

What’s Next

  • Pancake Mondays - Breakfast for ALL - Starting on Mondays in September

  • Making a backyard play structure into a Pirate Ship play area

  • Adding “New” Creative Curriculum Lesson Plans - we have been touching on these skills throughout the Summer activities however creative curriculum features exploration and discovery as a way of learning. It is also a comprehensive resource for our teachers to follow as a quality tool for their lessons. Some of these key points can be reviewed in the August Parent Newsletter.

  • Extra-Curricular Activities - TBA


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