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We are a play-based preschool

Honey Tree Preschool is a play-based school that focuses on early learning at age-appropriate development levels.

Toddler to Preschool (12 months to 3.5 years old)

Babies to toddlers (1-3) years old learn through everyday activities. The skills they are developing among their classmates are:

Language and Communication

From zero to three years old, children express their needs and feelings through sounds, cries, body movements, and facial expressions. Babies start to begin using words sometimes around 1 year. By 3 years old, he/she will be speaking in short (3-5 word) sentences.

To advance these skills our Teachers:

  • Observe and listen to how children are communicating

  • Repeat sounds and words children are using

  • Read, sing and tell stories.

Thinking Skills

Children learn through playing and exploring. They learn how things work and how to be good problem solvers.

Honey Tree Teachers encourage:

  • Exploration with stacking blocks, touching, sorting and shaking play materials

  • Classroom routines with playful learning moments

  • Child’s interest - painting, outdoor water play, story time

  • Asking questions throughout the day - story time helps children respond to questions

Self Control

During the first 3 years, children are beginning to develop self-control - ability to manage their feelings and actions in acceptable ways. Some examples are learning to wait, share, and work out problems with friends.

For each child, individually, our Teachers encourage:

  • Managing feelings - asking a child why they are feeling a certain way and engaging in examples for managing feelings productively.

  • Choices - allowing the child to be in control of their day by offering two or more choices.

  • Social Skills- with the blend of age groups in each class, younger children will model behaviors of older children. Older children will develop empathy, understanding and esteem as they mentor and interact with younger children.

  • Comfort - by getting down on their level to better understand their feelings to offer comfort and acceptance

Self Confidence

Honey Tree Preschool children are learning that they are special, loved, fun and capable of achieving at age-appropriate stages. When children feel good about themselves, they become confident and are willing to take on new challenges.

Our Preschool develops this skill with children by:

  • Giving praise on accomplishments

  • Helping children make positive problem-solving choices

  • Encouraging children to be independent, make choices they can learn from and let them try until they feel successful.

Preschool to Pre-K (ages 3.5- 7 years old)

Cognitive Learning - Children from ages 3.5 - 7 years are exposed to cognitive learning through play and engaging activities that focus on , problem-solving and making connections. They learn the alphabet by saying & recognizing letters. They practice letters and numbers while drawing pictures, objects, shapes, letters, numbers and through word practice.

Literacy - Identifies, names letters, notices discrete sounds & writes/spells their name.

Mathematics - counts, knowledge of patterns and understanding shapes.

Experimenting- measuring, i.e. cooking, mixing ingredients, water play, science, discovering new things.

Children’s writing and artwork changes over time through fun experiences. The stages are:

Stage 1

15 months - 2 ½ years old

Random Scribbling

Stage 2

2-3 years old

Controlled Scribbling

Stage 3

2 ½ - 3 ½ years old

Lines and Patterns

Stage 4

3-5 years old

Pictures and Objects

Stage 5

3-5 years old

Letter and Word Practice

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