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Updated: Aug 10

We would like to share this friendly reminder that we are still in a time that we have to be cautious with our social surroundings.

The Honey Tree is a State of Colorado licensed childcare provider. We are obligated to follow the protocols and guidelines given to us to run our school during the duration of COVID-19. We are in continuous contact with and are going to strictly follow our Nurse Consultants, CDC and County guidelines for childcare. For the latest COVI-19 updates please visit:

We asked that if your child is showing any of these symptoms listed: cough, sore throat, loss of appetite, fever, diarrhea, rapid breathing or trouble breathing that they stay isolated at home for 10 days or get tested for COVID. If you decide to get your child tested, they may return with a documented, negative result.

"If you or a family member is sick, stay home and isolate yourself. Don’t wait to confirm whether you have COVID-19 to take steps to protect others."

We are all going through hard times when dealing with this virus but if we all try to work together, we can try to keep our kids, Honey Tree staff safe and healthy. If you were in direct contact with anyone that had COVID, the guidelines are to quarantine for two weeks (14 days) from the time you were in contact with that individual.

County Health COVID and Contact Information:

Eagle County Public Health Agency


Garfield County Public Health


Pitkin County Public Health Agency


Thank you for understanding,

Kelly, Dustin and Staff


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